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BOOK-X-CHANGE Bookstore – Established 2005

While working and attending Lindenwood University, the Durees (Rick, Linda, and Robert) realized that students greatly needed a local "used textbook store" in St. Charles, MO.

After completing surveys, financial projections, and market trials, the family found that the demand for USED textbooks was sufficient to open a new business. While scouting locations, as "luck would have it,” they found a storefront directly across the street from the Lindenwood campus.

Many weeks later the "BOOK-X-CHANGE" was open for business and readily supplying university students with affordable learning tools in their pursuit of education. Much of the store’s popularity and success is thanks to word of mouth by their LOYAL PATRONS (the students).

BOOK-X-CHANGE is run For Students and By Students.


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We're open Monday - Friday 9am - 6:00pm

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