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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We're open Monday -Friday 9am - 6pm

How do I find a book?

If you go to Lindenwood University (LU), just bring in your schedule. If you don't go to LU, bring in either:

  1. The title, author, and edition
  2. The ISBN # (located on the back of the book near the barcode, or on the title page)

What's the rental return policy?

Our Rental Policy: Rentals must be returned by the last Friday of semester finals week. Check your receipts for the due date.

There are NO REFUNDS during the last two weeks of class. 

2 Days Late Fee: $10 per book
2 Weeks Late Fee: Accrued fees & price of book replacement is charged to your credit card on file.

Can I sell my book at your store?

We accept current college textbooks normally, but we'll buy any book we can. Generally, we don't buy textbooks older than 3 years, paperback novels, magazines, or comic book collections. However, we will look up anything you want to bring in.

How much will I get for my books?

The price we buy books from people varies a lot. The amount of money you will get for your book(s) varies proportionately with the condition of the book, its edition, publication date, obsoleteness etc... So, stop by and we will tell you exactly how much you'll get for your book(s).

How do I return books I have purchased?

Our Return Policy: 2 weeks from the day that class begins, with receipt. After class begins it is a standard 2 day return policy for all purchases.

Books must be returned as "ACCEPTABLE" condition, no water damage.

J-Term & Undergrad Summer Returns : First Week Of Class Only.

Can I get a discount on books?

Yes. If you sell books back to us, we can either give you CA$H or 25% more value as in-store credit towards your next purchase.

Hours of Operation

We're open Monday - Friday 9am - 6:00pm

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